Building Inspection Division


The Building Inspection Division of the Community Development Department provides service to Commercial and Residential development; ensuring that new structures and all modifications are constructed to currently adopted codes and ordinances while providing the highest possible level of customer service.

Building Inspection Division is the interface of all divisions; each of which has varying degrees of responsibility:

Each Division reviews all plans to facilitate recording of all required department actions and compilation of review comments from the various City of Farmington Divisions.

The Building Inspection Division also participates with the State of New Mexico Construction Industries Division and local builders in code adoptions and educational activities.


Permits are required within the City of Farmington, obtaining permits and inspections services for building, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical projects.

Residential Building Permits

Building codes regulate almost every residential building project a property owner undertakes and most projects require a building permit.

The homeowner or a contractor representing the owner may take out a building permit. When a permit is issued, there will be one or more required inspections. Final inspections are made for all permits.

Commercial Building Permits

Contact a Building Inspector to discuss building permits for commercial properties.

Permits not required:

  • interior and exterior painting of residential structures
  • interior painting of commercial structures 
  • minor landscaping
  • carpeting
  • tiling
  • cabinetry
  • countertops 

Permits required for all phases of:

  • New construction - Residential or Commercial
  • Additions to a structure- Residential or Commercial
  • Alterations, Damage repairs to a structure - Residential or Commercial
  • Renovation, interior, and exterior - Residential or Commercial 
  • Demolition Work - Residential or Commercial
  • Excavation Work

Additions and Remodeling

  • Fences - Residential or Commercial 
  • Retaining Walls - Residential or Commercial
  • Soil Retention Walls - Residential or Commercial
  • Disabled Ramp - Residential or Commercial
  • Roof - Overlay, Re-roof, Solar panel Roof and or Structural Roof Renovations
  • Flatwork - New sidewalks/replacement and access street cuts
  • Street Cut - Residential or Commercial, Curb, Sidewalk, Streets 
  • Driveway - New and replacement
  • Signs - Exterior business signs
  • Stucco - Exterior
  • Siding - Exterior
  • All Storage Sheds
  • Solar panel - New and replacement
  • Garage - New and replacement, Garage conversions and or additions
  • Carport - New and replacement
  • Awning - New and replacement
  • Gazebo - New and replacement
  • Swimming pool - New and replacement
  • Deck - New and replacement
  • Porch cover - New and replacement
  • Window - New and replacement
  • Door - New and replacement

All other projects

  • Low Voltage (hardwire)
  • Mechanical equipment - New and replacement
  • Plumbing
  • Building Sewers - New and replacement
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Water Conditioner
  • Cell Towers - New and replacement, modifications
  • Mobile home placement of parking approvals within City of Farmington city limits.
  • Mobile home - Driveway, apron, pad, etc.

To obtain a permit:

Requires coming into our office, Community Development/Planning and Zoning Division & Building Inspection Division, at 805 Municipal Drive, Annex Building, on the 2nd floor. Our office is across from City Hall building. Unfortunately, we do not have permits online at this time.

**Any person, business or company (including subcontractors) conducting business within the city limits of Farmington must have a City of Farmington Business License. An application is online Business Registration  or you may call City Clerk at (505)599-1170 for further information


We currently do not accept online payments for permits. You may come into our office, Building Inspection Division and pay your permit with a check, money order or credit card. If necessary, we can accept credit cards over the phone (Discover, Master Card and Visa). We DO NOT accept American Express Cards; we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


The Community Development/Planning and Zoning Division require that zoning and setbacks from property lines. To view business-related permits, variance and zoning applications, check out the Planning and Zoning Division page. If you have any questions or need to find the setbacks for your zoning area, please call (505)599-1317 to speak with one of our planners.


To schedule a construction inspection for your project, please call (505)599-1304.

To avoid delays on your project, you must have your Permit Number for the inspection requested. Inspection requests are required to be scheduled a day in advance, next business day in most cases. Ensure that you are ready for an inspection to take place.

Additionally, our Electrical Inspectors perform electrical Service Connect inspections throughout the Farmington Electric Utility System’s service area. New Service Estimates & Construction, Call (505) 599-8310, (505) 599-8312, (505) 599-8317


A license "view only" website has been developed at
This site includes the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of licensed contractors and their license classification. It also includes information on licensing and required qualifications for a license examination.


Contact the Manufactured Housing Division, located within the CID Office, at (505)476-4770 for guidance on additions, alterations, and repairs to manufactured homes.