Red Apple Transit

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Where should a new Transit Hub be located?

Recently the Farmington MPO hired Huitt-Zollars to analyze potential locations for a new Transit Hub within the City of Farmington. The Orchard Plaza strip mall houses the existing transit hub, but it was never intended to be a permanent location. Huitt-Zollars analyzed eight unique locations considering land acreage, bus connectivity, potential traffic impacts, safety, operational & construction costs, economic development impacts and other relevant variables. In the end, three sites were recommended for final consideration. Two locations are within the City of Farmington's Metropolitan Redevelopment Area (MRA) and a third at the old Family Fun Center site on Scott Ave. 

For a copy of the final Huitt-Zollars study, click here.
Previous Transit Studies

A comprehensive study of the Red Apple Transit system, completed in January 2011, has determined the type of transit services needed in the MPO by 2020. This transit planning effort is an outgrowth of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for the region which establishes a 20 year vision for transportation within the Farmington MPO and helps to guide investments in all modes of transportation.