1. C.H.A.P.

  2. Children's Theater

  3. City Ordinances

    Search for details about city ordinances.

  4. Civic Center

    Peruse details of the civic center.

  5. Civility First

    Civility First Four Corners was created to promote positive relations and mutual goodwill while extending a welcoming hand to all who live in or visit the Four Corners Region.

  6. Community Development

    Stay up-to-date on new developments and plans for Farmington.

  7. Community Links

    This page provides important links to community and state websites that are beneficial for citizens and visitors alike.

  8. Community Relations Commisssion

    Community Relations Commission

  9. Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Convention & Visitors Bureau

  10. Downtown Farmington

    Check out information about downtown Farmington shops and attractions.

  11. Events

    Review community events with the calendar.

  12. FAQs

    Look through a list of frequently asked questions and community concerns.

  13. Fair Housing Information

  14. Four Corners Regional Airport

    Discover the details of the Four Corners Regional Airport.

  15. History of Farmington

    Gain details of the history of Farmington.

  16. Indian Center

  17. Library

    Explore the local library.

  18. Maps & GIS

    View important maps of the city.

  19. Museums

    Review a list of museums within the community.

  20. News

    Review local newsworthy items.

  21. Outdoor Theater

    Reserve the use of the outdoor theater.

  22. Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Affairs

    Explore community parks and facilities.

  23. Photo Gallery

    Peruse photo albums of the surrounding area and community.

  24. Recycling

    Gain the most current and relevant information on community recycling efforts.

  25. Red Apple Transit

    Check out local public transit options.

  26. Senior Center

    Read about the community senior center.

  27. Staff Directory

    Find out about how to contact members of staff.

  28. Volunteer!

    Mayor's Volunteer Program

  29. Weather

    Gain details about local weather.